Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh


For more than 180 years, the Catholic Church in southwestern Pennsylvania has ministered to the needs of God's people. We have heard Christ's invitation to love one another, to be a family of faith, and to share our faith with those around us.

More than 628,000 Catholics in the Diocese of Pittsburgh are served by 63 parishes in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Greene, Lawrence and Washington counties. Catholic schools provide a faith-based education to over 12,000 students, while 18,000 young people attend religious education programs. More than 216 priests, 183 of whom are active at this time, 122 deacons, 290 lay ministers, and tens of thousands of committed volunteers serve the People of God every day. Catholic Charities serves tens of thousands of people a year in our six counties.

Your gift will strengthen our parishes, invigorate evangelization, revitalize sacramental life, reenergize the way we teach and form in the faith, prepare pastoral and lay leaders, and serve the poor and marginalized.

The goal of Our Campaign for The Church Alive! is to raise $125,000,000 over the next five years to meet these urgent and extraordinary needs in the life of our Church.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The target for Our Campaign for The Church Alive! is $125,000,000. This is a comprehensive capital and endowment campaign in which funds raised will go towards supporting the following four areas:

  • Vibrant Parishes
  • Catholic Education, Catechesis and Formation
  • Evangelization and Stewardship.
  • Our People Caring

The Parish Share Program provides necessary annual operating support for agencies, pastoral ministries, and education programs throughout the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Our Campaign for The Church Alive! will raise money for specific capital and endowment needs that will fortify key programs within the Diocese. This campaign will enable the Church of Pittsburgh to provide additional financial support to parishes; to ensure access to a high-quality Catholic education; to invest in faith formation and campus infrastructure; to care for retired clergy; and to minister to the needy in our region by providing vital human services. Donors will be asked to maintain current annual gift levels in addition to campaign investments.

The traditional Parish Share Program will be separate and distinct from Our Campaign for The Church Alive! After much discernment from the Pastors' Advisory Committee, it was recommended that the parishes continue to conduct their Parish Share Program as they see fit providing all money is transmitted to the Diocese, as usual, by December 31 of the calendar year.

The campaign is seeking leadership and support from priests, individuals, private businesses, corporations and charitable foundations. All members of the surrounding Catholic community are be invited to participate. The campaign seeks contributions that are equal in sacrifice, not necessarily equal in dollar amount. Prospective donors are asked to make stretch gifts commensurate with their ability over a five year period.

Our Campaign for The Church Alive! encourages pledged gifts because they allow individuals and families the opportunity to spread payments over a multi-year period.

Every parish in the Diocese of Pittsburgh is taking part in the campaign. The parish phase of the campaign began in January 2013 and is expected to conclude in May 2014. Parishes will be asked to participate in one of four tracks of activity. With the assistance of Parish Campaign Directors and the Campaign Office staff, each of the approximately 200 parishes within the Diocese of Pittsburgh will run a parish-based campaign to support this historic endeavor.

The proceeds of each parish campaign will be shared forty percent (40%) to the parish and sixty percent (60%) to the Diocese, as cash payments are received on pledges up to the parish's established target.

Providing a parish has made a good faith effort and attempted to follow the campaign plan, it will receive forty cents ($.40) on every dollar collected, less expenses, even if it does not reach its target.

9. Should a parish exceed its target, it will then receive sixty cents ($.60) cents of every dollar raised over its target.

In the short term, offertory giving is expected to remain constant. Our Campaign for The Church Alive! encourages parishioners to make extraordinary pledges above and beyond regular giving. Parishioners are not asked to diminish giving to their parish offertory or to Parish Share, rather to consider a greater commitment to the campaign. Similar campaigns have actually caused increases in parish offertory. This can be attributed to donors improving their understanding of "Church" and embracing stewardship as a way of life.

No. A pledge is a good-faith commitment made under a particular set of circumstances. If those circumstances change, donors can adjust their pledge payment schedule or balance accordingly.

Yes. Monies will be maintained in a separate 501(c)(3), entitled Our Campaign for The Church Alive! Inc. to be used exclusively for the purposes outlined in the case statement, including campaign expenses. None of the money raised in the campaign will be used for purposes unrelated to the case statement.

Management of Funds

All campaign gifts are received and managed by a separate non-profit corporation entitled Our Campaign for The Church Alive!, Inc., to ensure that campaign funds will be used exclusively for the purposes outlined in the diocesan and parish Cases for Support. None of the money raised in the Campaign may be used for purposes unrelated to the case statements.

Board of Directors

Bishop David A. Zubik, General Secretary Very Rev. Lawrence A. DiNardo, Chief Financial Officer Robert Costantino

Board of Directors
J. Christopher Donahue, Bishop Zubik, Marie Milie Jones, Father DiNardo, Regina Dressel Stover, John Sisson, Very Rev. Ronald P. Lengwin

Chair: J. Christopher Donahue
Vice Chair: Regina Dressel Stover
Secretary: John Sisson
Treasurer: Marie Milie Jones